First Job for Business Owners

Business Planning

A person may say, “I am a dentist” or “I am a Tae Kwon Do instructor.”  That’s great but what’s interesting is the fact that they see themselves as the Production Division of their organization, ahead of seeing themselves as the Senior Executive over the entire organization.

If no one truly assumes — as their first order of the day — the responsibility of directing and managing the affairs of the entire organization, it’s no wonder 90% of new businesses fail.

It’s a “Who owns that problem?” riddle.  Well…you do Doctor Jones, Master Quinn, stylist, barber and bathroom remodeler.

Leadership is not a job for when you’ve got a minute or two.  This IS your job, first and foremost.

Good news is you can learn to do it, even if they didn’t breath a word about the basics of organization in trade school.

You want to prosper don’t you?
OK then, BE an executive.