How to Stay Focused

Follow the strategic planDoes it ever feel like you’ve been working hard all day, but didn’t really get anything done?  Here’s a few reasons why and what to do about it.

Could be you don’t like some activity of your job, so you find yourself doing other “fun” things.  Could be you like thinking about other things while doing, or at least appearing to do real production.

The bottom line is, you’re supposed to be doing A, yet you’re doing B or C or none of them.

Though it may be painful to confront the phone, your prospects, your juniors or your accountant, busily maundering about is not actual production. Competence as an executive comes from taking all necessary actions to move your company toward achieving its goals.  If you’re not focused on overcoming obstacles and solving the problems which push against success and growth, you’re not being an executive.  It’s possible you’re being a problem that is pushing against success and growth.

Focus!  Review and follow your strategic plan.  Adjust the plan to accommodate for new barriers or even new resources. No maundering allowed!