The Long Distance Executive Test

Admin Pro Executive CoachingHere’s one way to gauge a really good employee.

Let’s say you’re trying to decide which of your staff should be promoted or given a new sales region.  Of course, the first place to look is at their production statistics.  They either get things done or they don’t, and hopefully you know how to manage by statistics.

Here is a simple test that will tell you even more about their skills and potential.  This is the Long Distance Executive Test.

Give each of your staff a long distance task that they personally have to complete.  It’s “long distance” because you give them space.  No micromanagement, no particular guidelines. Just give them the task.  You want to see what they do without restriction and how long it takes to do it.

If they return with requests for advice, uncertainties and constant problems with vendors or contacts, they will not make things go right—unless you hold their hand.

If the task gets completed with no hand-holding, no complaints, in good time, Wow!   You’ve got an executive on your hands.  One who can execute.

Give them a raise and a new production target.  They will get it done.