How to Get the Product

There are countless “authorities” on how to grow your business.  There are hundreds of business schools in the US.  Then WHERE IS THE PRODUCT?!

Here is a graph plotted by Scott Shane using data from the Census Bureau’s Business Dynamics Statistics. This reflects survival rates by sector over a five year period, starting in 2005. Survival for these industries should and can be much higher!


Now, if I were looking for successful actions on how to grow my business, I would want to know where these people went to school, and stay away!  Or what books are they reading…Rich Dad Poor Dad (now Bankrupt Dad)?

There are right ways to manage a business, and obviously there’s a million wrong ways.

The question is, does it work or not.  That’s all that counts.  It’s workable know-how which provides real and immediate solutions, or its just more noise like the six o’clock news.

I say, get off the couch, turn off the news and find the know-how you need.  Apply it — this is not a reading lesson.  This is a test of action.  You’ll get results or you got the wrong tip.

Your goals are worth it!