How to Handle Employees

Handle_StaffDo you feel more like a babysitter than a boss?

Does your staff suffer from any of the following?

            • Disagreements on how things should be done
      • Personality differences that lead to conflict
      • Gossip and complaints about other staff

The worst nightmares are hidden noncompliance and constant mistakes that have to be corrected.  If you’re spending your time handling work environment drama or redoing work that you’ve already paid someone to do…you’re not being a boss.  You’re being a babysitter, but without the pay.

There are faster ways to fix these issues, but if you’re it, you’ll need to engage in a lot of communication, sorting out differences.  Listen to the complaints, but don’t take any rash actions without fully investigating the situation.  You could get yourself into more hot water by acting on rumor.  Really listen and really look.

Another area to review are job descriptions.  Are job duties overlapping, causing confusions or power struggles.  Get those functions straightened out and make sure its very clear who does what.

Personally talk with each staff member and make sure they know how all jobs interact and what each job provides the other.