How to Achieve Your Goals in 2013 – Strategic Planning

Achieve Your Goals2013 is the year to achieve your goals!

We all have goals. We think about them, talk about them and sometimes even work on them.

The direct link to their success is the skillful development of a strategic plan AND that plan written out as a program with clear and precisely doable steps.

A goal cannot be easily achieved by throwing about orders and hoping something gets done. That will just cause confusion, noncompliance and staff turnover.

Give yourself a break this year. Find out what is a good strategic plan, develop one and get it written in a program to be followed. Let me know and I can help you with it.

Oh…and it does not require three days locked away in a “retreat” with the Board of Directors. It should take a few hours to translate your goals into a solid strategic plan with a good start on your program. If that isn’t happening, contact me!